Looking for an international consolidator?

Are you in search of an American school supplies international consolidator or a British school supplies international consolidator? Many are in search of an overseas procurement portal to make their lives easier, and EquipMySchool arranges for school supplies delivered internationally everywhere in the world.  International consolidation is our speciality.  

We consolidate while you educate.  EquipMySchool.com makes your life simple with all-in-one delivery and all-in-one invoicing. Consider using an international school budget management system to improve the quality of all materials in your school and task management for your teachers.  Satisfaction is more likely when teachers and students have the materials they need to do their work.  We all know students have short attention spans, but this is certainly true for teachers too. Who has time to spend hours sorting packages in an unairconditioned gym, only to find the table legs are not anywhere to be found at all?

EquipMySchool.com is our online store for international schools around the world. Incredibly efficient and easy to understand, you’ll soon find out why so many budget managers, STL and the like are converting over. Teacher approved… not kid-tested, though.

It is free to use and fast.  With a database of over 19 million items, it is easy to find what you need and compare prices between different vendors.  We supply over 280 International schools worldwide with everything from MakerBots and MacBooks to pencils, textbooks, instruments and playground equipment, and all at great prices. Importing school supplies is famously problematic from start to finish, but lucky you – this is our speciality.  

It can be incredibly tough to find the US school consolidator you deserve, and equally difficult is finding the UK school consolidator.  Often purchasers get tired of looking and resort to doing the same thing they have done every year.  Even when it ends up causing problems, when the issue is months down the road… well these things happen, which is why we need management!  You have foresight. Steer your school in a better direction this year. Save everyone a great deal of time, and get the products you actually require for once, rather than making do with third-best.  After all, schools are in a race to compete as well. There is a narrow edge to be the best. But as we have all seen, it is always possible to come back from the brink swinging. This is the best possible way to arm your team with exactly what they need to make this year the best one on record.  Parents and volunteers will be very happy too.

And what kid isn’t inspired by brand new books?  Teachers, of course, are also!

It is tricky to pick the International consolidator that is exactly right for your needs.  We make it easy. Explore our well-designed website.  Reach out with questions. Whatever your query, we are glad to help.  We are available over the phone, and by email. Almost by osmosis, but not quite.  However, the good reviews we receive are very nearly ambient. We are working on this.  Even cats and dogs are shouting from the rooftops about how much we have improved their welfare.  Because when your team goes home cranky, they are not as likely to feed their pets on time. Let’s make everything run like clockwork this year.

Our package is very competitive, as most publishers do not allow full discounts on textbooks.  Items from charitable organisations, Internet-based companies and suppliers who charge shipping and/or handling are charged at the international catalogue price plus an appropriate service charge.   We even handle the customs process and can arrange delivery direct to your door.  Simply place your order – that’s it.  That’s all.

You can build your school’s entire bulk order in just 1-3 weeks.  Just set a budget for each classroom, and teachers build their own list of ‘needs’ and ‘wishes.’

Once compiled, the teachers submit their orders to their supervisor for review.  The supervisor can approve or deny the order. This goes this way all the way up through your administrative chain until orders for all classrooms are approved.  The bulk order is released to EquipMySchool for fulfilment when all orders are fully approved.

Are you looking for an Overseas School Consolidation service for Lakeshore, Demco, Houghton Mifflin teacher supplies? Want more information about the suppliers we carry and the ways we save schools money, time and stress?  Explore EquipMySchool.com.  Please visit the link and click ‘Register’ on the upper left-hand side.  

Let us arrange school supplies for delivery overseas into any country from Angola to Zambia, including products from Lakeshore and School Specialty too.  

Are you interested in importing Demco to your school?  We provide school supplies delivery to India. We are an International Purchasing agent, and can even import books to Vietnam.  

Whether you need school supplies delivery in China, as an international purchasing agent you can count on for American and British schools located worldwide, we are your solution.  Perhaps you are thinking to yourself, what about school supplies near me?  EquipMySchool is always glad to be of service. Receive your school supplies at discounted prices and your freight at cost.  We consolidate while you educate! Of all the international purchasing and consolidation services we are the best.  Reliable delivery and all-in-one invoicing.  Tired of migraines? Give us a try. Your school nurse will thank you!

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